Early Reading



 Reading is a whole-school key priority with the intention of improving standards of reading across the whole-school.

 We aim to ensure that the foundations of all pupils’ ability to read are laid securely at an early stage. In order to achieve this we have implemented a high-quality phonics programme resulting in the meticulous and systematic teaching of phonics, crucial to improving standards of reading in reception and key stage one.

The school is committed to investing time and funding into training teachers and teaching assistants in the correct method to teach this programme. It ensures a common understanding between those who teach the tightly planned phonics lessons so that pupils get the same approach with consistent delivery.

Effective systems for assessing pupils’ reading ability ensure that books are suitably matched to pupils’ phonics abilities and to stretch reading further. Monitoring pupil progress within RWI allows for the early identification of those who are beginning to struggle and are at risk of falling behind.

As a result pupils grow into independent, enthusiastic readers, with a desire to read to themselves and others with pride.