We hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and continued to stay safe.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in school. We open the gates for our pupils in Year One to Year Six on Monday 7th September from 8.35 am.
In order to reduce the number of adults at the end of the day we are staggering the finishing times:
Year One, Year Two and Year Three at 3.00 pm
Year Four, Five and Six pupils who are collected by parent/carers finish at 3.10 pm
Year Five and Year Six pupils who go home by themselves leave at 3.15 pm
Parent/carers who collect children from different year groups will need to wait in our designated area.
Early Years (Reception, Nursery and Playgroup) have varied times of starting and finishing and letters have been sent to everyone. If you are unsure please contact school through telephone or email.
Any parents wishing to pay dinner money must wear a mask on entering the reception area. Please maintain your social distance and be patient while we attend to people in turn and in safe manner.
Please avoid trying to speak to staff at the end of the day as their key priority is the safety of all the children. Give us a ring if you have a concern or want to chat about something.
We will be selling school uniform on Tuesday 8th September at 3.30 pm in the hall and we would ask that everyone maintains social distancing expectations.
A very warm welcome to Moorside Primary School

I take great pride in being the head teacher at Moorside Primary School it is a real privilege to be part of a school that actively promotes an inclusive ethos among its diverse community that is fully supported by all members of staff and Governors. We have a strong team of dedicated and supportive staff who work very hard to provide the best opportunities for all promoting a culture of respect based on mutual understanding where children are polite and courteous to one another and the adults.

Moorside Primary School is a larger than average-sized primary school at the heart of the West End of Newcastle. We are a school which was judged to be good by Ofsted in September 2016 when they acknowledged that provision for children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development was strong and that within our diverse school community, children develop a close understanding of different religions and cultures helping to prepare them well for life in modern Britain. We operate an inclusive school where every child is valued and we work hard to help our children develop their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes in order to help them to become responsible, respectful and tolerant citizens of the future.

Much of our teaching is lively and engaging and children receive opportunities to learn concepts and apply them in practical contexts. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, combining a strong focus on English and mathematics with thematic approaches that build on skills and extend knowledge and understanding in science and the foundation subjects. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular provision to enhance the children’s personal and social development. Children demonstrate a pride in themselves and in the school and they value the school environment and have worked with adults to improve the grounds, such as their work to develop the meadow area.

Our partnerships with families and the wider community are extremely strong and we pride ourselves in being responsive to the community we serve and we truly believe that together we make Moorside Primary an exciting place for children in which to learn, develop and flourish.

I am fully committed to the community of Moorside Primary School and strive to ensure that the school serves our local children and their families well. If you are not part of our school and you would like to learn more about us or you would like to look around our school you are very welcome to come and visit. The children and staff of Moorside Primary School very much enjoy talking about and sharing their achievements and our successes.

Linda Hall

Head Teacher


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