Seeds for Life

Seeds for Life

At Moorside Community Primary School each term around fifteen children attend the West End Woman’s and Girls Centre for the Seeds for Life course.

At the centre they take part in various activities which involve tending to the gardens at the centre, planting seeds, looking after the different crops whilst learning about the various plants and seeds that are growing.

Staff from the ‘Change for Life program’ work with the children, doing quizzes and games about healthy snacks and the importance of eating vegetables and fruit daily, and taking regular exercise.

The children all participate in preparing food and cooking in the kitchen, and before walking back to school they all share and enjoy the food they have made.

Everyone comes together at the end of the course to celebrate with other schools the learning that has taken place. 

Our school has taken part in this course for many years now, and the children really enjoy going there and they feel they learn such a lot from these experiences.