Purpose Vision and Values

Our Purpose
Moorside Primary is a school at the heart of our diverse community in the West End of Newcastle.
We pride ourselves in belonging to a caring school community where everyone is welcome.
We strive to deliver an outstanding education for all our children.
We help everyone to become caring and active citizens.
We encourage everyone to thrive and achieve their full potential.
Our Vision
 We want everyone in our school to work together to make us as good as any school can be.
We want to create new opportunities for everyone to succeed.
We want to create a culture which broadens all of our horizons.
We want everyone to be able to tackle the challenges we will face in an ever changing world.
We want all of our children to engage with each other and with our community.
Our Values
We all believe . . .
Our local community deserves a school they can be proud of.
We are a caring community where everyone is welcome.
We all value, respect and support each other. 
Our community has the right to be safe and healthy.
Our children should have the chance to enjoy and be enthused by their time in our school.