At Moorside Community Primary School we have a good attendance and punctuality record which with your help we will maintain and excel. Pupils should attend school every day and pupils should arrive on time!  Teacher's come to collect their classes from the playground at 8:50am for a prompt 8:55am start.

Remember every minute counts!


Did you know that by missing just 5 minutes every day that will be missing 3 days school across the year? Missing 30 minutes each day, will lose 19 days of learning.  Children need to attend school for 190 days a year, which means there are 175 days to go shopping, make appointments or go on holiday.

Please make sure that routine appointments are made in school holidays or at the end of the school day.


WE DO NOT AUTHORISE HOLIDAYS. Requests for absence are only granted for exceptional circumstances.


We have an attendance target of 95%, which is above the national target of 94.7%

The class with the highest attendance score in each key stage is rewarded with a Key Stage Mascot and certificate they also get to sit on the chairs in the following assembly. Classes that have 100% attendance will get 5 minutes extra playtime!

We also reward classes for improving their attendance with stickers.

Pupils with 100% attendance each term receive various rewards that have been agreed by the whole school during assemblies with support from the School Council.

If pupils are unwell and cannot attend school we would ask parents to contact the school in the morning to inform the office of any absences.